1. So happy I found this place!

    So happy I found this place! Nick is an awesome trainer, totally makes you feel comfortable, is super nice and very educated. Best of all I get a killer work out every time and can’t wait to see each time what new tricks he has up his sleeve. I highly recommend him if your looking to do any type of working out. He is surely going to be stuck with me for a while!!…Read More

    Jenny Luca
  2. I 100% recommend.

    I 100% recommend The Trainer Page to everyone who is unhappy with the way their body looks and are insecure about how they look. Ultimately I weighed 215 pounds after my 12 week program I weighed 175 losing 40lbs. After my program I kept in touch with nick and still was working out on my own and officially lost 50lbs. All the trainers are amazing and the gym is very nice and very professional. Lov…Read More

    Vincent Fittipaldi
  3. I highly recommend.

    I highly recommend the personal training and nutrition services offered by Nick Trainer. With his knowledge and experience, he is able to create a different program for each workout session that is designed to meet the needs of each client. Nick is dedicated and passionate about helping his clients achieve their goals. I appreciate his attention to detail and form, as well as his ability to modify…Read More

    Karen Weber
  4. Thank you for everything, Nick!

    I am just about finished with my 12 week program with Nick. When I first started, I was nervous and didn't know what to expect because it is my first time going to a trainer. Nick makes you feel welcomed and comfortable and is "judgement free." Nick offered tons of knowledge and answered all my questions with ease. His workouts were never the same and always switched it up to keep me motivated. I …Read More

    Tina Webber
  5. Determined and driven.

    If you want a personal trainer that will cooperate and work with you, Nick is your guy. Whether you are away at school or are able to train with him one on one, he is more than willing to accommodate you with his program. You can see how sincere he is in wanting to boost people's confidence and feeling comfortable in their own bodies. He understands that everyone is at different physical levels an…Read More

    Marisa Vessenmeyer
  6. The best personal trainer.

    Nick helped me get back into shape after recovering from a reconstruction chest surgery. In 65 days he reshaped me better then what I looked like before my chest surgery. He motivates you to be the best you can be, pushes you when you think your life hits a brick wall and he knows endless amount of information in regards to working out and dieting. He’s hands down the best personal trainer I kno…Read More

    Tyler Andreassi
  7. I am grateful.

    I used to be the type of person that would start working out and last a week because I was bored of constantly doing the same things, until I found Nick. He has made every workout enjoyable and I am always doing different things each and every time. He’s very understanding and pushes you to your own limits not his limits. I am grateful to have found a trainer as great at Nick.…Read More

    Tiffany Lynn
  8. Nick Is your guy!!

    After playing college lacrosse I let myself go a bit gaining about 20lbs and losing pretty much any cardio I had from the previous year. After going to nick for about 3-4 months he had me back to my original playing weight of 205 with some extra lean muscle mass as an added bonus and was back up to running 2-3 miles with ease. Nick was and is a true professional and is always motivating you and ke…Read More

    Mike Andreassi
  9. Driven trainer!

    Nick is such a helpful, determined, and driven trainer! There's not a day after training with him that I don't feel better about myself. Nick explains everything in depth before we start training and guides me along during the training as well. He is very flexible in which being away at school is no hassle for nick, as he shows compassion and commitment to his work and to his clients. Nick has sho…Read More

    Bhshta Khail
  10. Nick is the best!

    Nick is the best! He gave me great at home workouts to do over a 4 week period. He focuses on all aspects of your body and is super helpful with any questions you have about the exercises. Even though I didn't use a gym, I had great success with toning my arms which was one of my main goals I told him about. I still do many of the exercises he taught me whenever I workout. Nick is such a nice guy …Read More

    Molly Burke