Nick Page, Owner/Founder

  • Vice President of Dominant Natural Athletics
  • I.S.S.A (International Sports Science Association) Certified Fitness Trainer
  • 6 Years Training Experience
  • Ex- NCAA College Athlete

Nick is also the head trainer of The Trainer Page – you will most likely speak to him and get evaluated by him during your “Free Transformation Session”.

He specializes in weight loss, muscle gain and nutrition. No workout will ever be repeated and he will explain everything throughly. He will push you just the right amount and will make sure you always have a smile on your face!

Nick’s Story…

I have been training for 5 years now. I am an I.S.S.A (International Sports Science Association) Certified Fitness Trainer. I am an ex- athlete where I played for The University of Tampa Men’s Lacrosse team which is a top team in the nation at their level. While I was there, I developed both anxiety and depression. It felt as if I had hit rock bottom. Everything wasn’t going my way and I was scared. I simply did not know what to do. I needed to clear my head and stop thinking of the negatives, so naturally I looked into starting therapy. Unfortunately I could not afford a therapist, and began to feel as if I would never make it out of this terrible time. I was then introduced to what my friend called “Iron Therapy”. I learned that working out is the best way to clear your head and get you in a more positive frame of mind. Until this day, working out is my therapy and my mission is to teach my clients just that, by taking any negative things in your life and turning them into motivation to workout. Not only do I feel that this is the best way to see results, it will also help create balance. Once you hit rock bottom, the only way you have to go is up.

I am now the Vice President/Head Trainer at the indoor speed and agility gym, Dominant Natural Athletics (D.N.A). I specialize in weight loss, muscle gain and fat shredding programs.

I am doing 1 on 1 training because I want to mentor and teach people the positive effects of working out. I want my clients to understand how these effects are not just physical- working out does wonders for our mental health, as well. I will help you achieve the results you want. Your life will become better, and I promise you, you will never regret training with me. This is an investment for you- everything is done for you and only you! So lets take this first step together in changing your life.

Meet Our Trainers


Chris Rupe

Chris is one of our trainers who is an expert in muscle development training along with strength and conditioning. He is extremely knowledgable in the fitness field and is currently studying Biology at Farmingdale State College.

Chris played lacrosse growing up and excelled as an athlete on and off the field where his own fitness journey began at a young age when was introduced too the weight room.

He is amazing at teaching clients proper form and making sure they understand the importance on muscle contraction during every exercise/movement. He will explain everything to you and really teach you how to perform exercises properly and push you past your limits.

He is an expert when it comes to Hypertrophy training and really brining the muscle to maximum failure that results in an amazing amount of muscle strength, growth and endurance. He loves to be here and if you come during late afternoons and or at night, you will defiantly see him and even possibly be trained by him!


Melodee Riley

Melodee is one of our new trainers to join our team. She will put you through an amazing workout while motivating you and pushing you to get that extra rep.

Melodee was a 3 sport athlete in High School and excelled in everything she did. After high school she decided to run Division 1 track and field at The University of Connecticut! While she was there she really fell in-love with the weight room and working out. After she graduated she realized she wanted nothing more then to help others transform their lives/bodies the safe and most efficient way to make sure they reach their goal and maximize their overall health!

She is an expert in lower plyometric workouts along with a very strong knowledge of knowing multiple variations with any exercise. She will give you a burn you never felt before and make you motivated beyond belief!

You are going to love training with her and she will 100% prove to you that you don’t need machines to get an awesome workout!


Marisa Vessenmeyer

Marisa is one of our trainers who is an expert in women’s training.

She attends LIU Post and will be attending graduate school in 2019 as a Biology major. She will then go on to get her Ph.D. She has an unbelievable understanding of the human body. She is in the process of getting her I.S.S.A Fitness Certification.

She understands the struggle many people have. Marisa is very patient, understanding and easy to talk too. She will explain and demonstrate every workout throughly and push you just the right amount. Her knowledge behind band exercises is truly amazing and she can relate to the struggles women have when it comes to fitness and what exactly they need to do. She always has a smile on her face and will make sure you have a nice sweat after your workout!

“There’s beauty in the struggle.” – J. Cole