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Meet Marc,

Throughout Marc’s life, he was a successful athlete on the Men’s Lacrosse Team at C.W. Post. He was always in shape and never had any health issues in his life, until things took a turn for the worst. Within a year, he tore everything in his ankle and needed reconstruction surgery. Soon after recovering from his ankle surgery, he then needed back surgery which required 6 months to recover. On only his 5th month of recovery, he needed emergency back surgery once again.

At the time of his injuries, Marc had a child who was only 3 months old. From being held back, Marc soon gained a total of 85 pounds within the year of recovery. Marc reached out to us and expressed he needed help, unsure of how to get the weight off, without risking the factor of him hurting his back again. So we took this challenge and within 6 months, an amazing transformation happended!

After 6 months of being with The Trainer Page, Marc lost 70 pounds! He’s now in better shape then ever!

“I am so amazed by what The Trainer Page has done for me. They helped me through so much. They really turned my life around when I was at a low point.” – Marc Andreassi

KIM LOST 50LBS & that’s not all ?

As awesome is that is, that is not what we am most happy about, you will see the picture (below) we received from Kim of her and her son on a fun roller coaster ride.

When she came to us 12 weeks ago she told us how she wasn’t able to go on rides with her son and she wanted to lose enough weight so instead of watching the awesome moment of her son on the ride, she can actually BE in that moment. And WE DID IT! WE CRUSHED THAT GOAL! -?

Always remember on your weight loss or any fitness journey it’s not just about the scale or inches, it’s about how you feel mentally & FEELING COMFORTABLE in YOUR OWN SKIN! ?

Congrats Kim can’t wait to lose the other ?!!!

“Don’t Stop When You’re Tired Stop When You’re Done” – Unknown

Meet Jenn,

She completed her 12 week sweat therapy program with her good friend Erika & the next day she went under for her 3rd and final surgery since her accident that occurred almost 3 years ago.

Jenn was truthfully one of the hardest clients we ever had to train, due to her accident she had bilateral broken legs which led to her having surgery back in August of 2015 she had a repair on her right femur & a left tib/fib compound fracture.

She had a speedy 6 week recovery after the surgery teaching herself how to walk again. Due to the surgery even 3 years later she lost a 1/3 inch height which caused her left leg to still to this day be broken.


She is finally had the repair to correct the height difference and her broken leg (tib & fib) and all of this completely changed her aspect on life. In March this year she had gastric bypass and she has lost a total of 50 pounds when she started training with
(In 12 weeks)

Jenn always came in ready to go and never wanted to take rest in between sets. She always pushed herself and she goes to show that no matter what happens in life, you can do anything you put your mind too. We worked around her limitations and got the job done!
(50lbs down with a broken leg!!)